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The Lyon Law School delivers some of its diplomas under its seal. They are either state diplomas or university diplomas.

French University in Armenia

Béatrice Kan-Balivet, Associate Professor at Jean Moulin University - Lyon3, Law School

The Université Française en Arménie (UFAR, French University in Armenia) was created in 2000. It was an idea of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs a few years after the independence of Armenia and the war against Azerbaijan. The aim was to strengthen the democratic process and to tie the country to the European values. At the beginning the implementing of the project was given to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon. But since 2002, the Université Jean-Moulin, Lyon 3 took over the management of the project. Now there is a French Rector for the University, a French secretary general, two Armenian Deans for each Faculty and two French Associate Deans for each faculty too. There are two representatives of the Armenian government on the board of the University together with the French Ambassador in Armenia. The republic of Armenia has already integrated the Bologna process and the curriculum LMD - Licence, Master, Doctorat- is implemented at Lyon 3 University since years. That's the reason why it was decided to award two degrees to the students: the Armenian ones, Bakalavr after four years and Magistr after six years; the French ones Licence after 4 years and Master after six years. There is one year more because the Armenian students reach the University earlier than in Europe.

The students integrate the Law Faculty of this University, after a selective examination. During the first two years intensive courses of French are organized for the non French speaking students. Besides here are courses in English, German and Russian. Then from the third year they can follow courses in French given either by French speaking Armenian professors or by French ones. Around twenty professors from Lyon 3 gave courses each academic year. The first Master in Law was awarded in July 2006. Along with the Law Faculty, there is an other one: a Business and  Trade Faculty. Around six hundred students are registered and so this University is the biggest one of the French Universities outside France itself.

The Law Faculty delivers two French national degrees: a Licence in Law and Political Sciences (Bachelors degree) and a Master in International Business Law

For the Law courses given at the Université Française en ARménie and other information visit the website:

Partnership with Ain Shams University, Cairo

Coordinator: Stephane Pillet, Professor at the Jean Moulin University - Lyon 3 Law School
Founder: Georges Peyrard, Associate Professor at the Jean Moulin University-Lyon 3 Law School.

The partnership project between the Law Schools of Ain Shams University in Cairo and Jean Moulin University in Lyon materialized in 2001 when an official agreement was signed.

The project is the result of a long tradition of exchange between Egyptian law specialists and European ones (and from Lyon in particular). It was preceded by the development of personal relations that were born when the young Egyptian academics conducted research work in association with Lyon academics. For instance, the founder of the French School of Comparative Law, Edouard Lambert - a Professor in Lyon who created the Institute for Comparative Law in 1920 - had run the Khedivial School since 1907. He also played a very active role in the creation and the drafting of the Egyptian Civil Code of 1948, alongside with a brilliant Egyptian lawyer, Professor Al-Sanouhry. Based on this tradition, many Egyptian teachers or lawyers defend their PhDs after a stay at the Jean Moulin University Law School in Lyon, and a great number of these doctorates are actually written in French.

The academic year of 2002 started with the creation of a francophone section within the Law School of Ain Shams University. It provides preliminarily selected students with the opportunity to follow, during the entire four years of their degree, a third of their lectures and tutorials in French - whenever there are enough common points between the two legal systems to make the programme possible, as it is the case for business law or constitutional law - and to get a diploma from the Lyon Law School.

The success of the project shows through the progressive replacement of some of the professors of the Lyon Law School by young Egyptians teachers who completed a Master 2 degree in Lyon beforehand. These students are also expected to do a PhD. However, a part of the classes will still be given by Lyon academics, so as to perpetuate a century-old tradition.

For other information visit the website.

Cooperation with Laos

Program coordinator: Laurent Eck, lecturer at the Lyon 3 Law School

Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, on behalf of its Law School, has signed an agreement with the Laos Institute of Foreign Affairs and the National University of Laos’ Law and Political Sciences Faculty in Vientiane. The aim of the agreement is to raise the quality of university teaching in Laos and more particularly, to facilitate the creation of a new undergraduate degree in International Relations in Vientiane. This cooperation is made possible by the support of the Rhone-Alpes Region.

The existing curriculum of the Laotien undergraduate International Relations course has already been improved through projects run by the Lyon Law School. Lecturers from Lyon 3’s Law School have helped improve the quality of teaching in their visits to Laos. The students have also been provided with a computer lab and up to date reference resources. The Laotien lecturers have also been able to improve their knowledge of French legal terminology through their visits to France.

A Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 first year Masters (Master 1) should be open to students for the 2012-2013 university year. It will be aimed at not only Laotian students, but all those from South-East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia etc). Outstanding graduates from this degree will be able to apply to continue their studies with a second year masters degree (Master 2) in France, following which they will have the option to undertake a doctoral thesis.

Law School Partnership in Cambodia

Program coordinator: Béatrice Kan-Balivet, professor at the Lyon 3 University Law School and the associate director of the Institute of Real Estate and Property Management, Daniel-Landraud.

Double degree programme: French university diploma and Cambodian Masters in Real Estate and Heritage Law

French ties with the University of Phnom-Penh date back to over a century ago to when Cambodia was a French protectorate and was considered the Switzerland of South-East Asia. They were re-established after the 1991 Paris agreements put an end to many years of armed conflict. These links were strengthened and formalised through various agreements, including some programs in conjunction with University Lumière Lyon 2 and the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie.

First of all, courses were established to train university level teachers in the nineties. In fact, there were no Cambodians who possessed the training the teach law of this level at the time. The success of this program is clearly demonstrated by the fact that today Cambodian professors teach almost all the courses at the Phnom-Penh Faculty of Law and Economics (FDSEPP).

In 2009, a new agreement with this faculty was concluded. Its objective is to deliver education in real estate law. The development of international exchanges and international migration is encouraging real estate investment, particularly in Asia. In addition, international law is attempting to harmonise, if not unify, the rules relating to real estate for international sales. This also enables real estate professionals to practice abroad. Especially as Cambodia is a country which still possesses much undeveloped land, it is important to train local lawyers to confront these challenges. Legal disputes regarding real estate are very common in Cambodia due to a rise in the reporting of potentially illegal practices. The Prime Minister has even created a national authority for Real Estate conflicts.

The Master Khmer “Real Estate and Heritage Law” was created for all these reasons. It is offered jointly with a French University qualification granted by Lyon 3 and responds to the specific needs of Cambodia. The Lyon 3 University diploma involves three major areas: land, built environment construction and sustainable development. As the challenges in Cambodia concern both private and public law, both of these areas are included in the curriculum.

These two courses are open to both French and non French-speaking students, with French language courses offered for those requiring them. The combination of these two courses gives the Khmer Masters the prestige of an international course, thus giving students an advantage in the Cambodian job market.

There is currently an important research project between academics at Lyon 3 and the Phnom Penh Faculty of Law and Economics involving the creation of a French-Khmer legal dictionary.

The best Cambodian students are invited to Lyon in order to write their doctoral theses.

In addition, links have been established, in teaching as well as in research, with the University of Vientiane in Laos and the University of Hanoi in Vietnam.


The Royal University of Law and Economics, Phnom Penh, centre of French cooperation:

Program coordinator: Béatrice Kan-Balivet +33(0)478787307

Administration: Ghislaine Coupat +33(0)478787473