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Antoine Semet - L3 Droit (cursus IEP Chartreux), en échange à Leeds

Publié le 30 octobre 2023 Mis à jour le 23 avril 2024
Antoine Semet

Antoine Semet, étudiant du parcours licence droit-prépa IEP (en partenariat avec l’institution des Chartreux) qui passe sa 3e année (2023-2024) en L3 Droit à l'Université de Leeds, nous fait partager son expérience d'adaptation à son nouvel environnement académique et culturel. Il évoque ses premières semaines, les modules d'études qu’il suit et ses projets pour l'avenir, notamment son désir de poursuivre en master droit des affaires.

Comment s'est passée / se passe votre arrivée ? Votre rentrée ? Votre adaptation ?
My arrival was a bit hectic, first of all, KLM lost my luggage during the transfer at Amsterdam, and I recovered it 3 days later! It means 3 days without any sweater, jacket, hygiene products, … But it was so nice to recover it!

Then, my first course was on 2nd October, I had therefore more than a week off. The week before the start of the semester was the freshers’ week: several activities throughout the day (welcome drinks, welcome BBQ, …), the freshers’ fair (basically the presentation of all clubs and societies, which are really, really abundant: more than 300 clubs and societies). I have met several people: a lot of French people, but also people from everywhere in the world (North America, Europa, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, …). There is a “global caffé” on each Monday: a great way to meet people, with free tea, coffee, and biscuits.

My first week of lectures was great too: for now, I just have 4 lectures a week (and here, a lecture is only 1 hour: so quick). Sometimes, adaptation is tough: the system is so different. Indeed, the content of the lectures is superficial, the lecturers just read their PowerPoint, and we must read a lot of chapters and pages by ourselves to prepare each course and seminar. However, the exams look easier, we can use every resource, our course, notebooks, casebooks, …, and we have 48 or 72 hours to return our work. But our notes must be clear and well-organized!

Moreover, the campus is so different than in France, there are many bars and pubs, shops, bakeries, a restaurant, gigantic libraries, etc. It looks like a real small city! The map:
Map Leeds

Dans quelle université et quel département êtes-vous inscrit(e) ? Quelle est votre "major" / matière principale ? Si vous avez commencé : comment se passent vos premiers cours ?
I am studying Law at the University of Leeds school of Law. For now, I have 4 modules: Contract Law and the Foundations of Law (during both Semesters 1 and 2, 15 ECTS each), Commercial Law (only during Semester 1, 10 ECTS), and European Union Law (only during Semester 1, 10 ECTS too). During the second Semester, I will study 3 modules: still Contract Law and the Foundations of Law, and Competition Law (10 ECTS).

The 4 modules I am currently studying are interesting, while the lectures are only superficial and I have to develop the course by myself, which takes a very long time.