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Workshop : European judges and migration

Publié le 11 mars 2021 Mis à jour le 11 mars 2021
workshop EDIEC
workshop EDIEC

Sous la direction scientifique de Kiara NERI, Maître de conférences HDR à l’université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 et directrice du CDI & Julie FERRERO, Professeure de droit public à l’université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

9H00 | 1st Panel: Definition and distribution of the judges’ role
- Chair: Maria Gavouneli, University of Athens
- Gabriela Oanta, University of A Coruña, European Union and the protection of human rights at sea: is there any role for the Court of Justice of the European Union?
- Maria-Louiza Deftou, University of Athens, Exporting the Strasbourg’s Norms to Geneva: a tacit dialogue on migrants’ rights?
- Q&A
- Julie Ferrero, University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, Vulnerability is in the eye of the beholder: the ECHR and the asylum seeker
- Hélène Raspail, University of Le Mans, The Case Law of the ECtHR in front of the French Refugee Law Judge
- Q&A

10H30 | Break

11H00 | 2nd Panel: Building and implementation of a migrant protecting Case law

- Chair: Giuseppe Cataldi, University of Napoli L’Orientale
- Loïc Robert, University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, What is a deprivation of liberty? The Hungarian Transit Zones in the recent case law of the European Courts
- Elena Maksimova, University Goce Delcev - Stip, Republic of North Macedonia and the protection of human rights guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights during the migrant crisis
- Q&A
- Niovi Vavoula, Queen Mary University of London, Between Gaps in Judicial Protection and Interstate Trust: Information Sharing in the Dublin System and Remedies for Asylum Seekers
- Ester del Nonno, University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, Italy’s informal pushbacks of migrants on the Balkan route deemed illicit
- Q&A

12H30 | Lunch Break

13H30 | Internal meeting MAPS

15H00 | Clôture